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OUR PA28R-180 ARROW IS BACK from a total cosmetic upgrade!

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Two New Cloud One Members Joined up.
Welcome Chad and Wes. Both Chad and Wes are pre solo students and working on their pilots licenses. Welcome to the club gentlemen!

Upcoming  Meetings
 Cloud One Owners meetings will be held on:

April 6th 2011
June 1st 2011
August 3rd 2011

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are scheduled at   Executive Beechcraft conference room at the Downtown Airport 7PM.





Our Arrow Hits the Mark

On December 19th, Cloud One got its newly updated bird back from repairs and renovations.   Our 1968 Piper Arrow 180 had repair work done on the landing gear and skin due to some hail damage.  In the process it received new paint with a dark blue, gold and black paint scheme. The interior is an off white with navy carpet.  Each of the club members were involved in every decision and had a vote on the choice of colors and fabric.  Thank you to all who participated in the interior detail work, disassembly and transport of our Arrow.  Here at Cloud One we take pride in the care and maintenance of our aircraft because we are the owners of the airplanes and have a vested interest in how they look and fly.  It is a unique club in that regard. 

In the few months it has been back, the Arrow is the popular bird to take up.  But can you blame the pilots with such a great looking airplane! 


Student Pilot makes final landing at MKC !

On January 12th, Cloud One member Erich Bublitz makes final landing with Designated Examiner Wes McCullough at the Downtown Airport (MKC). From that moment forward, Erich has joined the ranks of Private Pilot. We at Cloud One want to congratulate Erich in several months of hard work and dedication in reaching his goal. Bublitz says he is planning to continue his training for an IFR rating in both of the Club's Cessna and Arrow. "I bet the Arrow is a fun plane to fly also! When I get the 100 hours of total PIC time in the Cessna and 10 dual training in the Arrow, I will be excited about jumping into the left seat of that bird", says Erich.    

Bublitz joined Cloud One in May of 2007 as the club's youngest member with the intention of getting his Private Licenses. "I always dreamed of learning how to fly" says Erich.  In December of 2007, Erich passed his written exam and started prepping for the "Final Check Ride" with McCullough. The Check Ride took place at MKC on Saturday January 12th at 1000 hours local time his dream became reality. "I'm a little nervous about it" admitted Bublitz the day before the check ride. (Who isn't?) It is apparent that hard work and dedication has paid off for him.



The Cloud One Flying Club is a 25 year old non-profit organization based at the Downtown Airport (KMKC) in Kansas City, MO. The 18 club members each own an equal share of the 1968 Piper Arrow 180 and the 1976 Cessna 172M that make up the club fleet.

Born out of a desire to fly well maintained aircraft economically, the Cloud One Flying Club still makes this possible today.

Because each club member is an owner, unlike the renting environment, care is taken by all to insure safety, compliance, and quality in both of our aircraft.

The club currently has three approved flight instructors who are available to help you in pursing that next rating, or just to help you stay current in your flying. Our dynamic scheduling process and rules are fair to everyone who wants to fly for a yearly vacation, training or just poking holes in the sky. As far as our members, we are a diverse and dynamic group of folks who have come together to share their love of flying.


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