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Memberships are bought and sold between members. Please contact Sean O'Toole' if interested in becoming an owner/member.

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Unless otherwise noted, Cloud One Owners meetings are held on the first Monday of every even numbered month. The meetings are held at the General Aviation Terminal at the Downtown Airport at 7pm.

Upcoming Meetings:
Apr 1st, 2019
Jun 3rd, 2019
Aug 5th, 2019
Oct 7th, 2019
Dec 2nd, 2019

Cloud One Flying Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 2/20/2011

Q: What year are the airplanes?
A: The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a 1976 and it has around 5,980TT with 1020 SMOH. The club has owned it since new (it had 100 demo hours or so on it). The Piper Arrow 180 is a 1968 and has 4215 TT with 1450 SMOH.
Q: Where are the airplanes kept?
A: Both airplanes are stored in the city hangers at the downtown airport.
Q: How much are the monthly dues?
A: $150. This includes Club and pilot insurance, scheduled maintenance, tie downs, monthly expenditures, and most other aircraft expenditures. This also includes $25 per month for the upgrade fund.
Q: What are the hourly rates and how is that charged?
A: The hourly rates are based on Tach time, not Hobbs time. $40 per hour for the Cessna (dry) and $50 per hour for the Arrow (dry).
Q: How many club members are there?
A: Our State Charter only allows 18 members/owners.
Q: Can a student pilot join Cloud One?
A: Yes! Student pilots can fly the Cessna until they earn their rating and have enough total time to qualify for insurance in the Arrow
Q: The Arrow is a "complex" aircraft... what are the pilot experience qualifications to fly it?
A: The insurance requirements in summary are as follows;
  1. A member of the flying club
  2. A Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot Certificate
  3. Satisfy the FAA's flight review requirements
  4. Receive a check-out from and written approval of a CFI in the same make and model
  5. At least 100 hours of total logged flight time as Pilot in Command of any aircraft
  6. At least ONE of the following in the same make and model as the ARROW (CFI MUST BE APPROVED BY CLOUD ONE):
    1. 10 hours dual with CFI if member has less than 50 logged hours in retractable gear aircraft
    2. 5 hours dual with CFI if member has 50 or more hours logged in retractable gear aircraft
    3. 1 hour with CFI if member has 500 or more hours total logged and 100 or more hours in retractable gear aircraft
  7. At least 3 PIC hours logged in the same make and model in the preceding 180 days, or has taken and passed a checkout in the insured aircraft by a CFI in the preceding 45 days
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Q: How do you schedule the airplanes?
A: We have custom-developed scheduling software written by one of our club members. You may schedule online from anywhere in the world. The rules are simple; you can only schedule two flights at one time. Only one of the flights can be longer than 3 hours and limited to less than 9 days. Only one of the regular flights can be scheduled for the weekend. (In other words, you can't schedule every Saturday in the summer in advance) The exception that you can take an airplane for up to two weeks total time one time a year or split the two weeks two times under the "priority rule". However, we are flexible and have been known to bend the rules slightly to allow members to pursue a new rating more efficiently

Cloud One Schedule
Q: Can I schedule the airplanes for business?
A: Yes. Business travel is allowed but the club scheduling rules favor vacations, training and casual type flying. Business travel is generally kept to a minimum among members.
Q: Are there minimum time flown requirements when you take the plane?
A: No, you can take the plane for a week, fly it to Lawrence, fly it back at the end of the week and only pay the 1.5 you will have put on the Tach (and of course, your fuel).
Q: How much is the initial investment? How do I join?
A: Memberships are bought and sold freely. There are no transfer administration or transfer fees. Memberships are most often sold for price based on an eighteenth share of the current total Club's assets. Currently the share value is over $11,000 but the person selling their share determines how much it will be sold for. Airplanes appreciate quite nicely, so the value of stocks will likely be worth more and more as time passes.

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Q: How is the club managed?
A: We elect officers just like any organization. We have President, Treasurer, Secretary, Maintenance Manager, and the like. It is a non-profit corporation. We have bi-monthly meetings held usually at MKC unless one of the members invites the club to his place of residence for a meeting. We strongly encourage all members to be actively involved in the organization, and operation of the club.
Q: Does the club have a CFI?
A: No, we currently have no CFIs in the club however, we have three CFI's who are approved to fly with students in the club. You can use one of the approved CFI's for new ratings. If You like your current CFI, the board must vote to approve them and we have to get them added to our insurance. THis is not typically a problem however we tend to be on the cautious side since we are all owners of the aircraft.
Q: Are the planes well maintained?
A: At Cloud One, the first and foremost focus is on safety. We make sure we have complied with all applicable ADs and SBs and we do engine overhauls when they are recommended. Even small maintenance items are taken care of quickly. As an additional safety measure, the aircraft receive 100 inspections in addition to the annual. Although we do care for the planes and they are clean, cosmetics have never been a strong focus in the past until recently. The Cessna is being painted and new interior installed with many other improvements made including new glass and refurbished avionics. The Arrow has already received some new glass and will most likely get a new avionics upgrade to compliment the Garmin 430 as well as paint and interior. The club has temporarily placed an upgrade fee of $25 per member per month to expedite these valued upgrades.
Q: I am interested in becoming a Club Owner/Member, who do I contact?
A: Contact Sean O'Toole. Please remember that we are working stiffs, sometimes response is slow.